Standard Employee Assistance Program



Standard EAP ensures that the workplace places high importance and value on the employees’ wellbeing and encourages a culture where employees recognise that their wellbeing is vital to help them thrive both personally and professionally.


We understand that everyone is different.


Each client brings their own unique set of goals.

We see people of all ages and from all walks of life - but all with a common interest in making a difference in their lives.


Some of the issues that bring people for EAP include:


​Work related issues

Stress at work 

Coping with change

Conflict in the workplace

Interpersonal challenges

Work-life balance


Return to work after parental leave

Managing difficult situations and teams

Personal issues

Emotional pressures

Relationship issues

Anxiety and depression

Grief and loss

Life transitions

Family pressures and conflict




Each person will benefit from a different type of approach. For those unclear about which practitioner to see in our centre, our intake system will assist. 


The Delta Wellbeing@Work EAP is confidential and responsive, ensuring your people receive our premium service in a timely manner.


The most common service is our standard EAP, which can be either face-to-face or phone counselling and/or coaching sessions for employees and their families. Typically, the number of sessions are limited and are available either on a per annum or per issue basis.


•              Individual Coaching

•              Couple Therapy

•              Family Therapy

•              Parent Counselling/guidance

•              Child and Adolescent Therapy

•              Referral services to other services where required


Some workplaces extend the offer of EAP services to immediate family members to make a major contribution to families and the community at large by offering employees and their families immediate access to a service which can provide professional advice, counselling and referral by mental health professionals.