Manager Assistance Program

Our Manager Assistance Program provides confidential experienced guidance, coaching and support for managers in dealing with the interpersonal and management issues that can arise in the workplace. A broad range of issues can be addressed such as performance, conflict, communication, individual or team behaviour.


The coaching is provided by a highly experienced team of managers who have strong leadership experience and expertise in the full range of people-management issues. This service provides a coaching, skill development or direct advice on issues such as mental health concerns for an employee, with the primary goal being to generate positive and practical strategies and solutions.


Even though the role of the service provides recommendations and contingency options to the manager, the manager or team leader maintains responsibility for dealing with the situation. Unlike the traditional EAP, Manager Assistance is often contracted as an unlimited service and is available to all managers and team leaders.


This service is often provided by telephone or video, but like our EAP can be in our office setting, where a face to face conversation is the preference.