Information for Employers 


Delta Wellbeing @ Work is an employer funded intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees in your organisation.


It is widely recognised that the psychological wellbeing of employees has a major impact on their productivity, and the quality of workplace performance, decision making, relationships and culture.


A workplace that values the wellbeing of their staff through programs such as an EAP, also contributes to the enhancement of a “mentally healthy workplace”, which both helps address the Work Health & Safety responsibility to create psychological safety at work, as well as enhancing the workplace culture and engagement, and becoming an employer of choice.


We provide a comprehensive EAP package including a Standard Employee Assistance Program, a manager assistance program (MAP) as well as our signature Wellbeing@Work programs.

Each workplace chooses the service options that best with the needs of your employees, organisation and budget.